Jeré Hair Wants to Celebrate You!

Jeré Hair Wants to Celebrate You!

Mother’s Day is a time where we show appreciation to all the mothers for what they do. The day in and day out commitment is hard work and it shouldn’t go unnoticed.

So Jeré Hair wants to celebrate you!

Come join us on Saturday, May 12 for our Mother’s Day Celebration!  Everybody’s invited- moms and all mom figures, because we know it takes a village! There will be breakfast refreshments, mimosas,  good music and even better vibes!

Also, Vera Moore Cosmetics will be here from 10AM to 12PM. The luxury affordable brand has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. They’ll be talking about their fabulous products, skin care routines and answering questions.jere-hair-vera-moore-cosmetics

The festivities are from 8AM to 12PM. The shop is still open for normal business, so feel free to book your appointments.

Hope to see all you Beauties there!

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