5 Celebrities Who Are Queens of Hair Switchups

5 Celebrities Who Are Queens of Hair Switchups

Hair has become more than just “this thing” that grows from your head. It has become an extension of your look and another way to express yourself. One day you can be in the mood for a 20 inch weave and the next you’re rocking a short, colored pixie.

Switching up you hair should be exciting! Here are some celebrity hair chameleons we should take some notes from!

Beyoncé has been serving us different looks since the Destiny’s Child days. From cornrows, to long, sleek blond tresses to a more natural look, she continues to Upgrade her ‘do! 

Monica aka Miss Thang is one celebrity who can go from a colored pixie cut to a wavy shoulder length bob in the blink of an eye. She’s never afraid to experiment with a new color on her natural hair. That’s one of the reasons we love her so much.

Cardi B. has taken the world by storm with her realness, catch phrases and her ever evolving hairstyles. In her short rise to fame, we’ve seen her with a bob, long black hair to even an elegant updo. With her determination, I’m sure Cardi and her hair looks will be around FOREVAAA!

Rihanna has given us all hair envy at one point. When she did the jet black bob that has been done for years, it just looked so edgy on her. Her pixies are always on point too! Even when she does long hair, it always looks so effortless. That Rihanna hair slaying just won’t let up!

Nicki Minaj has had hundreds of different looks throughout her career. She rocks her signature pink in all different styles but is never scared to do something new. Nicki has no problem switching up and having fun while doing it. She’s definitely not the “Barbie” we grew up with.

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